LAB-Effects Super Looper

                                                             True Bypass Double Effects Looper

Having a looper is an easy and effective way to switch between effects/chains with out the need to unplug and re- attatch effects, which can be a night mare!
You could also have both effects on at the same time or none at all.
Effects looper are used world wide, And every guitarist must have one of these.
Easy switching at your toes, couldn't be more simple.
You could also use your old effects that hasnt got true byass switching, simply plug in your effect into the supper looper and there you have it, your old pedal is now bypassed!


Very strong die cast blue enclosure
2 Effects loops Marked A and B
True bypass switching amd LED's for both loops
Battery compartment OUT SIDE the unit so that means Easy battery change, no screws to undo!
OUT/IN to your Guitar and Amp.



 Price: £70

Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery, Each piece is made to order.

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